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GSES Support was established in 2003 as a GSE based company. As part of the AGRiQUiP group of companies, it played a vital role in supporting the GSE industry in Malaysia.

As GSE technology advances, the training portion of GSE also sees a leap in the training syllabus and modules. Greater organizations have embarked into digital and simulator-based training which gave them benefits and advantages.

The demand and interest of our customers sparked GSES Support to initiate the development of simulator-based training equipment:




Every customer is unique.
Our capable team will be able to customize your training needs using simulators and virtual reality (VR). This can be done in a very short time.




Integrating technology and training


Innovation is the key of our success with highly motivated team. Able to develop a number of innovation in the areas to improve the method training by technology. Most importantly, our products are affordable to be owned by all level of training institution.

“Turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective”. We believe that technology should be made available to everyone.